You love your work and know that engaging exemplary executive leadership is the key to enduring success. How can you ensure the right match for your organization and your industry sector? You found Trilogy Search.

Practice Areas

Your organization demands a leader who understands the complexities of your industry, while being sensitive to the shared values and viewpoints of growing organizations throughout the world. A leader who ensures you’ll benefit from fresh approaches and nuanced perspectives.

To serve you and your organization with integrity and purpose, Trilogy Search focuses on conducting
C-level searches and building executive management teams for five practice areas and their respective sectors. Over the years, Trilogy’s relationship with these practice areas has cultivated our integrated perspective and provided us with a vast network of resources from the realms of both business and philanthropy.

High Tech + Clean Tech + Life Sciences + Philanthropy + Non-Profits

High Technology 
How does Trilogy Search recruit for a sector that’s potentially developing the next big thing that will change the way we work and live?

Trilogy looks for superior talent that will give our client more options for growth and significance than they might have had. The leader Trilogy delivers will help a company change a paradigm in business, and therefore change society in an irreversible way. This is a profound responsibility. Trilogy identifies the unique, visionary individual who can develop the seed of an idea into a leading technology.

And why does Trilogy recruit for High Tech? Because we want to contribute to what improves the world.

Clean Technology 
How does Trilogy Search recruit executive leadership for an industry in the business of harnessing the potential of renewable resources, arguably a highly evolutionary approach to the future?

Trilogy seeks the ideal leader from among individuals who are devoted to improving the world every day of their lives and working as a team to do it. Organizations in Clean Technology seek leaders who can sustain and deepen their commitment to developing successful products that demand creative vision and significant time and resources.

And why does Trilogy recruit for Clean Tech? Because we want to be part of what’s important.

How does Trilogy Search recruit executive leadership for a sector that advances the welfare of humanity?

Trilogy seeks leaders who are committed not only to the organization but to its vision and the individuals charged with implementing the vision. In this typically consensus-driven environment, an executive leader is part of the overall discussion that examines how resources can best be allocated to advance the public good. This important work scrutinizes the complexities of a variety of social realities and identifies where its funds can achieve the most benefit.

And why does Trilogy recruit for Philanthropy? Because we believe in a better society.

How does Trilogy Search recruit executive leadership for a sector that operates in service to a specific population’s needs?

Trilogy seeks individuals who not only align with, but embody an organization’s vision for social causes. These individuals deeply understand the communities they serve. Finding the ideal executive leader for a non-profit client means finding the person devoted to an organization’s mission and our client’s strategy for responding to a public need. The rewards in this work are not focused on compensation, but on emboldening the significance of the organization’s progress in the community.

And why does Trilogy recruit for Non-Profits? Because we believe in helping to serve our community.

Life Sciences 
How does Trilogy Search recruit executive leadership for a highly specialized, multi-disciplinary industry that studies and advances our very understanding of living organisms?

Trilogy targets passionate executive leaders who can instill confidence through merging visionary strategy with a deliberate approach. This industry demands intensely focused individuals in addition to thoughtful leaders. Trilogy seeks tireless individuals who can galvanize teams of scientists and accelerate the pace of scientific discovery.

And why does Trilogy recruit for Life Sciences? Because we want to contribute to a deeper understanding of life.

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