You love your work and know that engaging exemplary executive leadership is the key to enduring success. How can you ensure the right match for your organization and your industry sector? You found Trilogy Search.

Completed Searches

When you and Trilogy work together to find the right match, great changes occur: a new culture takes root and begins to flourish; employee attitudes and internal/external branding become aligned; relationships with constituents and communities deepen; performance soars.

We understand that whether your organization succeeds ultimately depends on the quality of your leadership team, a responsibility we do not take lightly. We have retained inspired, multi-dimensional executives for the following organizations:

Amgen Inc.
Executive Director Risk Management
Director of Direct Materials Risk Management
Director of Business Continuity

Ampt, LLC
Vice President of International Sales

Vice President of Sales
Vice President of Bio-Chemistry

Book Trust
Executive Director
Board Director

Executive Director

Director of Strategic Communication

Vice President, Internet Strategy
Senior Director of Customer Technology
Senior Director of Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing

Executive Director
Deputy Director
Board Director

Education Sector
Executive Director

Humanity United/Omidyar Network
Director of Communications
Director of Investments
Director of Research
Director of Policy and Government Relations

Ice-Energy Inc.
Director of Sales, Major Accounts
Executive Vice President of Sales

Integware, Inc.
Vice President of Sales

IntelliTec Medical Institute
Campus President

inVentiv Health
General Counsel
Chief Human Resources Officer
President, Global Resourcing
Executive Vice President, Commercial and Consulting
Senior Vice President, Human Resources – Clinical (Pharmanet/i3)
Senior Vice President, Human Resources – Commercial
Senior Vice President, Business Development – Strategic Resourcing

Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Vice President, Global Infrastructure Solutions
Senior Director, Enterprise Business Intelligence

New Door Ventures
Chief Executive Officer
Vice President, Development
Director, Finance and Administration

Not For Sale
Vice President of Development

Director of Global Distribution

Pivot Learning Partners
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Business Officer
Board Director
Board Director

Santa Clara University
Executive Director, Center for Science, Technology & Society

Stupski Foundation
Senior Program Officer, Learning Community/Efficacy Network

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Director, Education Program
Program Officer, Education Program

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
President, Fisher Healthcare
President, Life Sciences
Chief Information Officer
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Vice President, Global Chemical Operations

Village Enterprise Fund
Executive Director