Your organization wants to outperform itself every day, so you need a partner who embodies that same desire. You found Trilogy Search. We are a retained executive recruiting firm serving both for profit and non-profit organizations.


Trilogy will find the right match for your organization by distilling myriad details about the nature of your work, your desire for growth, and your organization’s culture into one essential piece of information: a deep understanding of the leader you want to recruit.

Our philosophical approach to executive search is about authenticity: Real people are at the heart of every search, and our focus is on uncovering their core motivations, not just examining their performance, to evaluate whether they are ideal for your organization. We get past the polished executive speak and charisma in order to discover where real integrity lives.

Using our proprietary Behavioral Interviewing approach, we craft questions designed to elicit evidence of character, intellect, and the ability to perform as an authentic leader. A resume shows evidence of successful performance, but we are also deeply interested in a candidate’s intellectual flow. Our interview questions are designed to understand how a candidate thinks because it reveals the true mark of their leadership style. We apply the same behavioral questioning to reference checking to create an authentic profile.