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11.19.14: Trilogy Leading Chief Business Officer Search for Pivot Learning Partners
Burlingame, CA (November 19, 2014) — The executive search firm Trilogy Search Non+Profit is leading a Chief Business Officer search on behalf of Pivot Learning Partners, a nonprofit organization dedicated to revitalizing public education. more »

10.29.14: The Five Talent Acquisition Mistakes Your Nonprofit Can’t Afford to Make, Nonprofit Information
By: Chuck Pappalardo, Managing Director Nonprofits today seem to be competing for everything: public and private funding, “mindshare” and, crucially, talent. Identifying and attracting great talent — people with the skills, experience... more »

11.05.13: Six Straightforward Rules for Finding the Right Members for a Nonprofit’s Board of Directors, NonProfit Information
By: Chuck Pappalardo, Managing Director Few tasks facing a nonprofit organization are more important — or more difficult — than identifying and recruiting the right members for the board of directors. A strong, capable board can provide... more »