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04.09.15: Everything Old Is New Again: The Almost-Forgotten Skills Needed to Attract and Retain Talent in Today’s and Tomorrow’s
By: Chuck Pappalardo, Managing Director, Trilogy Search Non+Profit Companies need talent to grow, to thrive, and even to survive, in a knowledge-based economy. Finding the right talent, with the right skills and the right experience, is never... more »

03.26.15: The New “New Normal”: Why Employers Must Start Competing and Paying for Talent, Right Now
By: Chuck Pappalardo, Managing Director, Trilogy Search Non+Profit There’s something truly remarkable going on in the U.S. economy, and yet it’s something that seems to be mostly unnoticed, even by many specialized observers. The... more »

02.18.15: Trilogy Heads Senior Director of Development Search for Archbishop Riordan High School in San Francisco
Burlingame, CA (February 18, 2015) — Executive recruitment firm Trilogy Search Non+Profit is leading a Senior Director of Development search on behalf of Archbishop Riordan High School (ARHS), an Archdiocesan Catholic High School in the... more »